Prof. Yuriko Sugiuchi

Prof. Sugiuchi
Associate Professor, Department of Systems Neurophysiology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Yuriko Sugiuchi began her basic research in neurophysiology in the Department of Physiology (Prof. Yoshikazu Shinoda) when she was a medical student. After her graduation from School of Medicine at TMDU, she was also trained in neurootology in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and continued her research on the vestibular and cerebellar systems. Since 1996, she has been in the Department of Physiology and her main research field has been in the oculomotor system. She received the 23rd Barany Society Young Investigator Award in Paris in 2004. Dr. Sugiuchi has been a member of the editorial board of “Vestibular Reseach” since 2007.

Prof. Sugiuchi's ISP2012 Lecture Course Abstract:
Neural mechanisms for generating rapid eye movements: Electrophysiological and anatomical study in systems neurophysiology
Prof. Sugiuchi's TMDU Research Profile:
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