Prof. Itsuji Ajioka

Prof. Ajioka
Associate Professor, The Center for Brain Integration Research, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Itsuki Ajioka obtained his PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001 by studying on how mature liver hepatocytes proliferate. After that, he started to study on cerebral cortical development by focusing on neurogenesis and neuronal differentiation as a JSPS research scholar (2001-2002) and later as an Instructor of Department of Anatomy at Keio University School of Medicine (2002-2005). Then, he did his second post-doc training by studying on eye development and retinoblastoma at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the US (2005-2009) and was appointed as a tenure-track faculty (Assistant Professor) at Keio University. Subsequently, he was appointed as an Associate Professor of the Center for Brian Integration Research (CBIR) at TMDU (2009-). His major concern is to understand how cell cycle regulation is coordinated with brain development and how cell cycle deregulation leads to brain disorder.

Prof. Ajioka's ISP2012 Lecture Course Abstract:
Deregulation of cell cycle on brain disorder
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