International Summer Program 2012: FAQs

  1. I am formally enrolled in an educational/research institute in Asia. However, I have been temporarily dispatched to an institute outside of Asia as part of my educational program. Am I eligible to apply for ISP2012?
    Answer: Yes, in such a case you are eligible to apply as a financially-supported participant.
  2. I am currently a resident working at a hospital. Should I apply as a student or a young researcher? Whom can I ask to write a letter of recommendation among the instructors of the residency program?
    Answer: You can apply as a student. An instructor who knows you well personally would be a good person to ask for a letter of recommendation.
  3. Do I need to submit any document that would certify my English ability, for example a TOEFL score?
    Answer: You are not required to submit a document certifying your English ability. But please keep in mind that the program will be conducted wholly in English. If your English ability is limited, you won't be able to participate in the program to the fullest extent.
  4. There does not seem to be enough space on the application form for me to explain my career sufficiently. May I attach a CV to the application?
    Answer: Yes, please feel free to attach a CV to your application.
  5. I am in a master's course and I would like to present my work at the poster session. Is it possible?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible. But please keep in mind that the selection committee will evaluate all poster session proposals and decide which ones to accept. Also, please be sure to submit your research project/plan.