Dr. Takeshi Tsubata

Portrait of Dr. Tsubata
Dr. Takeshi Tsubata joined TMDU in 1996 as a Professor at the Department of Immunology, MRI. In 2003, he became Professor at the Laboratory of Immunology, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, TMDU. His research interest is how B lymphocyte fate after antigen stimulation is determined whether they are normally activated as in naive B cells, or rapidly activated as in memory B cells, or undergo apoptosis. Also, his group is interested in developing new strategies to improve infection immunity and to control autoimmune diseases and allergy by modulating B cell responses. His group has been focusing on molecules and molecular mechanisms that regulate B cell activation and apoptosis including membrane-bound lectins CD22 and CD72.
Symposium Presentation:
Membrane-bound lectins and humoral immunity
Professor Tsubata's Research Profile:
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