Dr. Nobuo Ohta

Portrait of Dr. Ohta

Dr. Nobuo Ohta graduated from Shinshu University School of Medicine in 1977, and then from the Graduate School of TMDU in 1981. His PhD thesis was "Genetic control of susceptibility to schistosomiasis japonica in humans", and ever since then, his main research subject has focused on basic and applied fields of human schistosomiasis. After he became Professor of Nagoya City University in 1993, he joined TMDU as a Professor in 2006. He is Chair of Section of Environmental Parasitology, Graduate School of TMDU, and has also been the principal investigator of the Ghana-TMDU research collaboration project since 2008.

Dr. Ohta's recent works are on immunomodulation of host responses during schistosomal infection, development of anti-Schistosoma japonicum vaccine, development of new drugs for schistosomiasis, and investigating the molecular basis of the host-susceptibility of S. japonicum. Not only laboratory works, but also field research in China, West Africa and SE Asia are promoted, and international joint projects in China, Thailand, Philippines, Ghana and elsewhere are ongoing. He has been a member of the Advisory Committee for International Parasite Controls of the Japanese Government, and collaborations with JICA, WHO and other organizations are underway to build a global network for NTD control.

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