Dr. Hajime Karasuyama

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Hajime Karasuyama, MD., PhD. has been a professor in the Department of Immune Regulation at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School since 2000. He was a scientific member of the Basel Institute for Immunology in Switzerland, twice, in 1984-1987 and 1990-1995, followed by being head of the Department of Immunology at The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science from 1995-2000. The aims of the Karasuyama's laboratory are to elucidate the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying immunological disorders such as allergy and immunodeficiencies, and to develop new strategies that control them. His group has recently illuminated previously-unappreciated roles of basophils in acute and chronic allergic reactions as well as protective immunity against parasites (Immunity 2005; Immunity 2008; Nat. Rev. Immunol. 2009; J. Clin. Invest. 2010). They have also clarified the genetic origins and molecular mechanisms that cause the primary immunodeficiency 'hyper-IgE syndrome', which is characterized by severe atopic-dermatitis with high serum IgE levels and recurrent bacterial and fungal infections (Immunity 2006; Nature, 2007; J. Exp. Med. 2009). This finding has enabled earlier and definite diagnosis of this primary immunodeficiency that greatly enhances QOL of patients. Thus, the studies in Karasuyama's laboratory have made the bridges 'From Bench to Clinic' and 'From Clinic to Bench'.
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Immunology: Past, present and future
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