Dr. Miyuki Azuma

Dr. Miyuki Azuma
Miyuki Azuma received her D.D.S. (1984) and Ph.D. (1988) degrees from TMDU. After receivng her Ph.D., she worked as a clinical fellow at the Department of Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery in TMDU (-1990), a postodoctral fellow at DNAX Research Institute in CA, USA (-1992), an assistant professor in the Department of Immunology in Juntendo University School of Medicine. (-1996), and a staff scientist at National Children's Medical Research Center (-2000). She then rejoined TMDU in 2000 as a professor in the Department of Molecular Immunology. She has been investigating the function of lymphocyte cell surface molecules, especially T cell costimulatory molecules, controlling immunity and tolerance. Her research goal is to develop new immunotherapies targetting costimulatory molecules for immune-mediated disorder including infection and cancer.
Lecture Course:
Dendritic Cells: Control of immunity and tolerance
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